A space for Collective Sense-making

Welcome to Hunome!

Hunome is a product uniquely designed for building multidimensional understanding. 

This is the place for thinking and building knowledge together or solo. A home for the curious and sense makers. 

Hunome enables individuals and groups to make new thought connections and expand thinking in a theme of your choice.

Our community is made up of individuals and groups who engage in thoughtful discourse about the wicked problems that matter.

Come and add your perspectives, expertise and lived experience in the universes of connected thoughts and start your own.

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To combat the many ills of the current experience: silos of information, start-stop knowledge efforts, linear thinking, fragmentation, algorithmic rabbit holes, not knowing the source, and misinformation.

This is problematic for continuity, quality and progress in human understanding.

With so much information available online, it can be overwhelming and confusing to try to make sense of the world around us.

That’s where Hunome comes in.

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Our community

Join Hunome, a new community with a purpose to help humanity make sense of itself. Become a part of the solution of making the world a more perceptive place.

We’ve created a space where members can connect the dots between different perspectives of society and build multidimensional understanding by sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas and being part of the bigger picture.

Our community is made up of individuals who are passionate about building shared understanding and engaging in thoughtful discourse about the wicked problems that matter.

You are a natural sense maker

You enjoy building and sharing your understanding. You are curious. You are a person for whom seeing the big picture and being inspired by different thoughts are necessary for new directions. The ways you know matter to humanity’s understanding. Hunome enables bringing these different perspectives together.

Build understanding the Hunome way


Build multidimensional understanding. Engage in the build of others. Join the thematic build. Bring your perspectives to bear in context and build your own perceptiveness muscle.


Many thematic areas require more perspectives than one person can bring. Add to the builds from your area of understanding, your discipline, your lived experience, your novel idea. This helps humanity see the sides to the story. 

Assisted serendipity

With the trains and systems of thought, we help you come across perspectives you would not have known to look for. This adds to your understanding, inspiration and speeds up human innovation.

Boutique search

When you search, the result is a growing understanding of the thematic space, not tidbits. You get an immediate view to a thought fabric, insights into it and more to explore. As you take a journey in the thinking, add your perspective.

Shared understanding

The world is complex, many of the human systems are wickedly problematic. We provide the product and tools to help you make sense of the themes that you work on to solve for humanity or are curious about. On Hunome very rapidly we arrive at an understanding and then shared understanding. Hear the societal voice for your own decisions.

For humans, with humans, about humans

Humans need to negotiate the better way all the time. Here we pay attention to and celebrate the collective human ingenuity. We humans see what works and what does not. We understand new things and should add that to the continuous deliberations. Become human-aware, why might you and others think the way you do?

Build shared thematic understanding

Create your SparkMap or take part in others

A SparkMap is a great way to visualize the understanding that a group of people have on a theme of your choice.

Invite more people or groups to join the building of the bigger picture.

SparkMaps help groups see the depth and breadth of the knowledge their group holds.

SparkMaps help to arrive at a shared understanding leading to actionable decisions.

Maree Conway
Maree ConwayFounder of Thinking Futures
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“The way humanity works now is failing. I’m interested in new/different approaches that might help us connect individually, collectively and globally in a more reflective and sharing way.”
Rod Sherwin
Rod SherwinSolutioneer, Coach, Facilitator of Change
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"How do ideas spread? How does change happen? How can existing solutions be implemented despite political distractions? What are our best hopes for the future? What small things might we notice that let us know we are moving in this direction?”
TruthbombCreative Performance and Design Strategist
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"If we want to design a world that’s real and connected to our humanity, then we have to learn to look beyond our own limited points of view and to come together and explore the truth of our own humanity in a multidisciplinary and genuinely creative way. Hunome is a tool for doing just that."

Where do you fit in the thought fabric of humanity? Hunome and the active community will help you find out.

Hunome helps you create, build and connect perspectives to build your own understanding. We help you improve your own perceptiveness muscle by creating and adding to other people’s perspectives.

The purpose of Hunome is to help humanity make sense of itself. To achieve that we provide the product and value for those who take part in the build.