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Lead Us to a Shared Understanding - with a Humanothon on Hunome program

You can elect to lead a humanothon program.

The Hunome team will help set that up:

  • Select the thematic you would like to lead
  • Let the Hunome team know with our contact form

We will provide our facilitating materials. You can even get help with facilitation. (There is no charge for this)

What is a great Humanothon theme?

  • The theme has many dimensions to it
  • You have already been thinking about it
  • In the world there are varied disciplines of experts and people with experience on what works and what does not on your theme, who can help speed up humanity’s understanding together with you.
  • It is not done in one session, like Rome was not built in one day, but requires the continuity of a few sessions and in between building to arrive at a good multidimensional or even shared understanding.
Alternatively you can start a ‘New SparkMap’ and build it on your own, see others joining or build it with your group as you wish.


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