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Hunome FAQ

Hunome  is a collective insights platform – a social and thought network – helping humanity make sense of itself. Our focus is on facilitating multidimensional shared understanding. Hunome helps make sense of how things were, are and could be – with human-aware understanding of the variation in perspective. Hunome is free to use and the free product remains free.

We solve the problem of disparate perspectives. Human matters are complex and multi-sided – there’s not one single answer to them. But with data being scattered, fragmented or siloed, it delivers single-point answers.

We build smart data to connect perspective, evolve insights, create collective understanding to improve perceptions.

Hunome is first for those who know themselves to be curious. Those who understand that to build multidimensional understanding is best done with others – in a community equally keen to make a difference. You can build solo too – flexing your own perceptiveness muscle.

Mostly our members currently are those individuals and groups who wish to make sense of what change we want and why we want it that way, to inform self and influence decision makers.

You know that polarisation in the world is not helpful, information is too linear, simplistic, and not reflecting the true nature of many questions we have about how the world works and the human variation in it.

Being human-aware starts here.

Hunome helps humanity make sense of itself. We seek to understand what it means to be human in all its variety. How we change over time or not, why our systems are the way they are, what we want from the future, and more. With your help, we can give our humanness a shared voice.

All and any thing relating to humans – the future of work and its many dimensions, human ingenuity vs AI, remote love, polarisation, and its causes and consequences, are just some examples. Which themes will emerge on Hunome depend on you, a dear member of the Hunome community.

Hunome has its beginning in the 90s. Our founder created a role at Nokia to seek human-aware insights bringing those to vision, strategy, product and so on. She has since leaving built on her vision to enable making accessible the kind of understanding of us humans we cannot otherwise access. Hunome is that environment, built from insights across product, human-awareness, foresight and systems thinking. The alternative, as she found, is to waste much time or money in building the real human understanding.

Hunome is our product name and Hunomics is the name of the company, registered in Helsinki, Finland.

Yes, we want an environment where our members feel to be among others interested in creating meaningful outcomes. We want to deal with the matters with transparency and real human empathy and knowing something of the background of that sharing. Please do read our terms of service, privacy policy, and in particular the community code of conduct to see what we expect from our members.

We want to create an environment where our members are creating meaningful outcomes for themselves and with others. We want to deal with the matters with transparency and real human empathy. For this reason, our registration process has a question that helps the Hunome team make a decision about your request to join.

Once you have submitted your invitation request, your request will be considered by the Hunome team, and if successful, an invitation will be sent to your registered email address.

Once you have signed-up, and verified you email, your interest to join will be considered by the Hunome team. When successful, an invitation email will be sent to your registered email address. It takes typically max two days to get your invitation email. When you see this email, your profile is activated on Hunome and you are able to login directly on the login page or by clicking on the button the email. We have a two step registration process to keep the environment pleasant for those who care.

Make sure to check all of your folders for Hunome emails, including Spam, Promotional, etc, for Hunome emails, and add us to your whitelist.

Sometimes verification emails may take time to land in your emails. If it takes longer than a minute (and not found in other email folders) then you might ask for it again and that typically speeds things up.

Hunome works beautifully on desktop, as connections between multiple perspectives are best viewed on larger screens.

For the best experience, use Hunome on an up-to-date Chrome or Firefox browser.

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