Discover Hunome and build a unique understanding of humanity
Old - eg. Social Media New - Hunome
News sharing and finding the one answer
Build understanding 
Connect people, hierarchy (master/slave), linear
Connect thinking and build it - solo or in atomic social groups, connect the dots
Individual sharing and the followers/algo suggestions are the intended audience
Curious and collective - working with others - all good thinking matters
Journo, politician, ‘influencer’, consumer
Thinker, world changer, seeks to build to understand the bigger picture
‘Promotional’ behavior 
Constructive build behavior
Loudspeaker, mouse wheel, sensation, eye balls for ads, feed the beast
Campfire, mass deliberation, tempered, active, transparent, build for progress
Emotional & attacking gets the eyes (algorithms helping), social doubt, influence to buy or even destroy, easy regurgitation 
Join in a thematic build, no vanity profile, what one thinks matters more than who one is, this is for the thinking influencers who know that alone we know and can champion very little
No one listens, much effort for little return, who are these people
Trust in community’s shared understanding
Comparison of vanity, pressures of ‘performance’, addictions, mental health, but also direct access to important people (kind of - the real people are still behind minders)
Being part of something bigger, seeking real understanding with others, argued points of view, improve perception and speed of innovation, direction to progress made visible or consequences of other directions
Build personal brand, nurture the beast to stay above water line
Leading and taking part in helping humanity make sense of itself. Meaningful shared agenda. Individual or organization can become a lead or champion of a theme.
Access to latest news via channels that follow or are pushed to view but also Rabbit holes, polarization, fragmentation, diminished human value, loss of trust/hope, underbelly of humanity in full view and influencing the ill informed and others. Much time wasted in dealing with the outcomes of social media.
Access to a growing understanding, being part of the build in themes of interest, global human progress with wicked themes, no regurgitation, being heard and building a human-aware direction, being informed in a more comprehensive manner.