Humanothon is a human, world, change-aware ‘marathon’ – a thematic movement – for sense making and building shared understanding. 

Houda Boulahbel leads on the theme of Embracing the complexity of cancer.  How can we address the complexity of cancer in order to design better, longer-term treatment solutions? We now invite you to join in this build into a global sense-making session and deep-dive into a new Hunome SparkMap on October 13th. 

For decades, thousands of people have worked on understanding, preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. They have achieved many scientific and technological breakthroughs that brought new outstanding treatments to a lucky subset of patients. 

However, despite great progress, cancer is still a killer, and many aspects of the disease remain intractable. 

Our approach to cancer is largely the result of conventional scientific thinking about the disease: a reductionist view that breaks the problem down into smaller parts, the mutation of a gene or several genes, and tries to understand and address each part.

Could it be that we have reached the limitations of this approach? Could  a reductionist view be too simplistic in the face of the formidable variation that is characteristic of cancer?

If we apply a different lens to cancer, it can be viewed as a complex adaptive system. Can we embrace the complexity of cancer to develop a deeper understanding of the disease, and discover novel methods of therapeutic intervention?  What can we learn from other fields, such as complexity science, chaos theory, cybernetics, energetics, physics, future studies?

Hunome and Houda Boulahbel invite you to broaden our understanding of complexity, so we can look at cancer through a new lens, in a series of four events. In each event, we will learn and build on our different perspectives. 

Date: 13th October

Time:  1 PM UK  | 2 PM Paris | 3 PM Helsinki (EEST) | 8 AM NYC

Duration: 2 hours

Register on Hunome to attend 

  • During the registration process, please specify “Cancer” in the field ‘how did you hear about us’.

  • You will receive the Zoom session link on the email you use to register to Hunome.

  • If you have already registered let us know at hello (at) hunome (dot) com that you are interested in joining this session.

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  • Once you have registered to Hunome you can find the kick-off and evolving SparkMap here.

We look forward to mingling with you in this thematic build of understanding.

Intent of the Build: To generate an understanding about the changing models around the world of Cancer and its complexity. 

Build Approach: Humanothon

Status of the Build: Start of Build

About Houda Boulahbel: Houda Boulahbel came into the world of systems thinking through the lens of molecular biology. After a decade in cancer research, she came to appreciate the value of a holistic view when dealing with complex situations and is currently a systems thinking consultant and health care communications consultant.

About Hunome

Hunome is a product uniquely designed for building multidimensional understanding.

This is the place for thinking and building knowledge together or solo. A home for the curious and sense makers. 

A SparkMap is a non-linear, evolving and multi-dimensional map of understanding on a theme. SparkMap is a great way to visualize the understanding that a group of people have on a particular theme.

About Humanothon

Humanothon is a movement or a set of thematic movements run on the Hunome product. You can take leadership on a theme that needs multidimensional understanding and that you want to build a concerted systematic mapping on, with a group. Hunome product is there to use and our team helps the leads set this up providing materials and other help.

You do not need to run a Humanothon to build multidimensional understanding on Hunome. You can also just start by clicking on ‘New SparkMap’ once inside Hunome and craft your own understanding and see others join.