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Hunome has been invaluable to our mission of conducting truly human-centered research on complex and important issues to the human experience. The platform is intelligent, intuitive, and fun to use, and the team is passionate and mission-oriented. We love partnering with Hunome!

Adam Sharpe – Director of Learning at Metafuture School, Founder and Project Lead of the People Power game

Demographic Shifts and Impacts 

Type: Humanothon 

A pressing theme is emerging and there is a need to understand its impacts – population decline.

Decisions are being made and need to be made but the issue in particular in Europe and also US is becoming urgent to be understood better, getting ready.

Our member, Adam Sharpe took on the lead role as this theme is of great interest to him as a futurist. He invited a group of futurists representing many dimensions to contribute. The work continues, with new people also joining., 

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