Hunome Showcases

Hunome is a great tool also for conference events to engage participants and to keep the content and discussions alive even after the event. You can activate people to vocalise their viewpoints instead of just listening to a presenter. It revolutionizes the settled habit of how people learn and participate in mass forums.

Chantel Gohil-Gray – Communications pro, Brand champion.


Type: From solo builder to an atomic group

Building understanding of the causes and impacts of misinformation and disinformation and how to ‘fix’ it.

Misinformation is a global and widespread problem. The spread of false or incomplete narratives is a big factor in the growing polarization that we see in society.

Hunome helps structure the why’s and how’s of a concern.

An active Hunome member built a base SparkMap on ‘Misinformation is rife’.

It was used as a tool / platform in Mozilla Festival’s annual event. It became a session for people attending the MozFest to develop solutions to online misinformation.

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