Hunome Showcases

We’ve experienced the power of the new emerging social platform Hunome for our continuous exploration into the wonderful world of Curiosity. The already broad definition of Curiosity has gained so many new insights. I can’t wait to have more people to join and share.

Matti Copeland – Chief Curiosity Officer

Raw Power of Curiosity 

Type: Atomic Group

A group of people interested in ‘curiosity’ created a comprehensive view on “The raw power of curiosity”.

Curiosity is a beautiful thing we humans have. Curiosity improves decision-making by reducing our susceptibility to stereotypes and confirmation bias. It serves as the spark that can lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Matti Copeland, Futurist and Chief Curiosity Officer, invited a group of people to together to build a wonderful SparkMap talking about the many perspectives around curiosity and its whys and hows. We’re looking to do a second session with new perspectives and continue the knowledge build.

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