Hunome Showcases

Hunome offers our members a platform to engage without time and place constraints around challenges, themes and solutions we find important.”

Markus Vähälä, CEO Citizen Network x UBI Lab Network

Universal Basic Income – UBI Finland 

Type: Humanothon 

UBI Lab Finland has organised a number of online and offline sessions and invited people to build on Hunome.

The UBI Build aims to learn from each other on UBI and to educate the world’s decision makers, also outside the UBI Labs network.

UBI (Universal Basic Income) is being considered, experimented, reseached globally. Hunome brings the knowledge, experiences and ideas of the people in the global network of UBI Labs and outside of it in one place.


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Led by Adam Sharpe, Director of Learning at Metafuture School, Founder and Project Lead of the People Power game.​​

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led by Timo Timo Kuusiola, Founder and chair of the board in Creatura Think Do Tank​

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