Lead a Humanothon

Lead a Humanothon

Humanothon provides individuals the chance to take a global leadership role on a theme that humanity struggles to make sense of. 

By leveraging the collective intelligence and experiences of the community, we can develop holistic perspectives on a theme. 

Humanothons are typically started off as a series of virtual gatherings, or can be done asynchronously, both on the Hunome platform.

Why lead a Humanothon 

Make a difference to the thematic space by ‘illuminating’ it together with your group. 

Lift humanity’s understanding of the many aspects of the theme for a constructive engagement.  

Experiencing new Ahas and directions in the thematic space

Hunome enables you to make your mark in an area of interest  and the work gets richer over time in the Hunome system of thought, it builds.  

Your contribution with other people stays pertinent and visible in the maps – not disappear into a history of linear shares in a blink of an eye. 

Humanothon with Hunome 

Hunome is a uniquely designed product. With Hunome you can generate ideas for sense-making and enable individuals in a group to add their perspectives in context of others’ on the  Hunome SparkMap. Our team provides support with onboarding and use where required. Fast-track registration is enabled for attendees with an invitation code. The core Hunome platform is, and always will be free to use for all participants. 

What is a great Humanothon theme?

The theme has many dimensions to it – economic, societal, global variations in ideas, technological, environmental, political and more. 

To understand your theme faster and deeper you need to engage people from different disciplines, experiences, ideas or expertise.

If you have an interest in your theme, for yourself, for a better future, for your community or group, it is a great one to run on Hunome. 

Good thinking counts, you just have to choose it.
Multi dimensional understanding

The Power of Building and Thinking Together 

Running these sessions is an effective way to hear everyone’s perspective, build an output, see the variation of perspectives, gain novel insights, engage people beyond your own group and be inspired by the thinking.

Humanothon encourages participants to understand the sides to the theme and see where a ‘yes this makes sense’ emerges.

Leading a Humanothon also provides a unique opportunity to get a sense of where agreements and disagreements lie within the community. This process allows us to refine our ideas, strengthen our solutions, and build bridges between individuals and communities.

Be the first in your theme of interest to lead a Humanothon! It’s easy, and the Hunome team is there to guide you through the process. Just let us know you would like to take this ‘Humanothon’ approach for your group at hello (at) hunome (dot) com