What is Humanothon ?

Humanothon is a movement that aims to inspire and empower individuals and groups to build shared understanding and to make a difference. 

Humanothon provides individuals the chance to participate in unravelling a theme that has been talked about at events and reported on, and yet humanity struggles to make sense of.  

By leveraging the collective intelligence and experiences of the community, we can develop a holistic understanding on a theme.

We have some incredible humans who kick start the sense-making sessions. Upcoming sessions

How Hunome works? 

At the heart of Hunome is the SparkMap, a fabric of thoughts – representing the varied perspectives to a theme. It connects the dots of human ways of knowing – different disciplines and from experience, learning, research or ideas. A SparkMap helps humanity make sense of itself by seeing the sides to the theme and build shared understanding.

Every human being has a role to play, to express their perspectives, in the context of others’ ideas and knowledge.

Your Thinking Counts 

Your unique way of thinking about a problem matters. Humanothon brings together fearless thinkers and doers from across the world. Humans from different disciplines, geographic regions, and perspectives come together around a SparkMap. 

On Hunome, understanding on a theme grows richer over time – it builds. 

Bring your expertise and experience to be part of the solution and to make sense of our fragmented knowledge.

Attend a Humanothon! 

Lead a Humanothon

You can lead a Humanothon! If you have experience or interest in a particular theme, or if you are part of a group that thinks about a particular theme, then you can take lead. 

Be the first in your area of interest to lead a Humanothon.

Running these sessions is an effective way to hear everyone’s perspective, build an output, see the variation of perspectives, gain novel insights, engage people beyond your own group and be inspired by the thinking. 

Write to us at hello (at) hunome.com if you would like to lead a Humanothon. 

Our purpose is to help humanity make sense of itself through Hunome platform that enables collective sense-making. 

Humanothon is not an event; it is a movement that aims to inspire and empower individuals and groups to build shared understanding and to make a difference. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards unlocking the full potential of humanity. 

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