Humanothon with Hunome


An open session series for making sense of our world together. Bring your expertise and experience to be part of the solution and to make sense of our fragmented knowledge.


Humanothon with Hunome: Demographic Shifts and Impacts

We have historically lived in a world where the average population was young, but it is about to reverse itself.
Falling fertility rates could mean almost all nations will see their populations halve by the end of the century. This will have significant social, technological, economic, environmental and political implications for future generations. Why is this happening? Are we ready?
The world needs an understanding of demographic shifts and impacts, as many decisions are made daily that can take this future system in an unsustainable direction.
Come and help humanity make sense of this. Help us explore the global phenomena of population decline and the future it will create.

Humanothon with Hunome: The Raw Power of Curiosity

Curiosity is a wonderful trait that humans possess. We are all born curious, although some of us may not cultivate it. Curiosity drives various aspects of our lives, such as asking questions, fostering innovation, promoting collaboration, creating serendipitous moments, building networks, and preserving traditions. It serves as the spark that can lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Join us for a SparkMapping session on the theme of Curiosity.

Humanothon with Hunome: Future of work – what’s next

We are building an exciting SparkMap titled "Future of work - what's next" which deliberates on the world of work and brings together - connecting the dots - the various perspectives surrounding the world of work, the changes and impact, what is changing now, what are examples from around the world, what innovations, what possibilities for improvements, how are humans around the world experiencing the ideas of gig economy, zero hour contracts.
Join us to contribute your knowledge and experiences to this discussion.

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We look forward to mingling with you in this thematic build of understanding.