How does the world work? Be part of the solution!

Hunome is for building multidimensional understanding

Our purpose is to help humanity make sense of itself.

Disparate perspectives are not enough for making sense of multifaceted themes. Today building understanding demands too much time, money or skills. And does not get done. This leads us to poor decisions.

For this reason Hunome enables the community to connect the dots. This means creating and combining perspectives, for a multidimensional output.

This output showcases human ingenuity. It takes into account different backgrounds, expertise and ways of knowing.

The perspectives you and others combine improve your perceptiveness. This makes you a hero in the room and empathetic company at dinner conversations.

Hunome product

You might be the natural sense maker

…building and sharing your understanding

  • curious person with a hunger to make sense of connections in thought
  • knower seeking to ensure your area of knowledge is present in the right contexts
  • learner wanting to build and update a comprehensive output
  • creative person for whom inspiration is necessary for new directions

The ways you know matter to humanity’s understanding. It is important to bring together thoughts from history to future. Expressing lived life to hopes and dreams. Creating perspectives from research, expertise, reading, opinions, observations, ideas or wisdom of elders.

Human ingenuity makes wonderful thought connections. Hunome enables bringing these perspectives together.

We do not narrow humanity down. Your themes. Multidisciplinary community. Sense making.