A social network to make sense of the world

We enable you to connect the dots, solo or with others even as a group, between different perspectives of society and build multidimensional understanding 

Join a community with a purpose and become a part of the solution by making the world a more perceptive place.

You are a natural sense maker

You enjoy building and sharing your understanding. You are curious. You are a person for whom seeing the big picture and being inspired by different thoughts are necessary for new directions. The ways you know matter to humanity’s understanding. Hunome enables bringing these different perspectives together

Build Knowledge the Hunome way

Maree Conway
Maree ConwayFounder of Thinking Futures
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“The way humanity works now is failing. I’m interested in new/different approaches that might help us connect individually, collectively and globally in a more reflective and sharing way.”
Rod Sherwin
Rod SherwinSolutioneer, Coach, Facilitator of Change
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"How do ideas spread? How does change happen? How can existing solutions be implemented despite political distractions? What are our best hopes for the future? What small things might we notice that let us know we are moving in this direction?”
TruthbombCreative Performance and Design Strategist
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"If we want to design a world that’s real and connected to our humanity, then we have to learn to look beyond our own limited points of view and to come together and explore the truth of our own humanity in a multidisciplinary and genuinely creative way. Hunome is a tool for doing just that."

Who are you? The hunome community
will help you find out.

Hunome focuses on your ideas and the thought shown behind them. It helps you create, build and connect perspectives to build your own understanding. We help you improve your own perceptiveness muscle by creating and sharing to other people’s understanding.

Since the whole purpose of Hunome is to provide value for everyone using it by helping humanity make sense of itself.