How to build understanding from perspectives

How to build understanding from perspectives

We’re building understanding. Hunome connects different perspectives to build a multidimensional understanding of themes relating to us humans. We think different perspectives can open up a wealth of understanding of what it means to be human, which is why we help humanity make sense of itself. 

But wow – making sense of humanity seems like a huge task. Who has that breadth and depth of knowledge to create a better understanding of all of humanity? 

Well, actually we all do.

Being human is as simple as the way you greet others, or how you fold your socks. Of course, it can also be as complex as understanding behavioral patterns or the ins and outs of social psychology. You could be an expert in anthropology, or just have a really strong feeling about something, but as humans, you’re all qualified to help make sense of humanity. 

And every one of our perspectives, on any theme, contributes to the collective build of understanding. Here’s how.

Building your own understanding

Hunome has been designed so that anyone can easily connect thoughts, ideas, experiences – any perspective, really – on all themes related to humans. 

Let’s look at the use of recreational space, for example. A designer could share insights on the latest thinking on recreational areas, while two town planners could add their perspectives on wild vs manicured public gardens. A member of a community fitness group could share their reasons why recreational space needs to be accessible and adaptable. 

By connecting their perspectives, anyone that is curious about the theme can start to join the dots in their understanding of where their thoughts fit into the picture. Maybe they can see that many actually disagree with their view on public spaces, or that they have an enlightening perspective on this particular topic. They broaden their own outlook on the theme by taking into account other points of view, gaining insights even for things one would not have thought of connecting.

Building shared understanding

What’s more, together they start to make sense of where public spaces and recreation fit into the human experience. Perhaps there are others who are curious also and can expand their thinking from the views shared.  Or maybe there’s a problem that emerges that impacts our collective experience (the mental and physical impact of the lack of green space in built up areas). Humans, adding their perspectives to make a lasting mark on our evolving understanding of public spaces. 

As understanding builds around many themes related to humans, using these insights becomes more common-place in all areas, not just in relation to public spaces. We can explore evolving understanding relating to shared problems, or build systems from their component parts, or understand change and its impact, to get a comprehensive understanding of how the world works. 

Building multidimensional understanding to make a difference

We have the ability to change the world with multidimensional understanding. As insights around the human experience build, so does our ability to make more human-aware decisions. We can start using these insights in practical ways – making personal decisions by building understanding of what’s involved and what’s at stake, or design products and services with a better understanding of their impact. 

And with a better understanding of the human accessible for everyone, we improve our own perceptions, and those of others. This is the impact we hope Hunome has on the world, by helping humanity make sense of itself. 
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