How to Turn Your Perspectives into Power

SparkMap on Hunome is a versatile tool for delving deep into a theme of interest, and finding connection and a way to navigate your thoughts, expertise and curiosity. Like a masterful conductor orchestrating a symphony of ideas, building a SparkMap can help you explore the depths of your interests and insights.

The Power of Solo Building on Hunome 

Building solo on Hunome allows us to create a system from our notes, democratise research and eventually make sense of a wicked theme. 

1: Choose Your Focus

Start by picking a theme that genuinely piques your interest. Whether it’s about exploring new cultures, understanding demographic shifts, or exploring the history of silent movies, your passion will be your guiding star. 

2: Begin with a Central Idea

Your central idea is either a description of the main challenge, or the hypothesis – writing this central Spark with depth and thought will determine the flow and structure of the rest of your build. 

3: Branch Out

Just as your interests span wide and far, let your spark map grow organically. Create branches from your central idea that represent subtopics, questions, or concepts related to your chosen subject. Each spark-on can be a rabbit hole worth exploring.

4: Connect the Dots

Most of human ingenuity comes from finding connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and perspectives. Hunome’s SparkMap is specially designed to enable this kind of connection making, making visible the forest and the trees. 

5: Review and Refine

Your spark map is an evolving work of art. Return to it periodically to add new ideas or adjust your perspective. Make it a living document that mirrors the growth of your knowledge. Sharing the SparkMap at this stage allows others to see the depth and clarity of your thinking and you get to become a perceptive presence in your theme. 

6: Invite new perspectives 

Share your SparkMap and invite others to add their perspectives, that will only further enrich and build a shared understanding. 

Building Solo is a muscle, and the more that you build, the more you will refine your reasoning and thinking. The benefits of having a tangible and growing fabric of your thinking on a topic as a comprehensive visible output are immense. This is an opportunity for you to be the first in a theme of your choice to build such a comprehensive starting point for shared understanding. 

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