Founder CEO of Hunome at UBI event

Hunome, at UBI Lab Network’s event on: “Let’s talk about basic income.”

Hunome had a stellar presence at UBI Lab Network’s event on “Let’s talk about basic income.”

Hunome, with its Chief Hunomers: Dominique Jaurola (CEO) and Mika Raulas (CCO), attended yesterday’s UBI Lab Network’s event in Helsinki, to present how to build knowledge and make sense around the session’s theme “Let’s talk about basic income”.

Hunome, UBI Lab Finland, Systems Change Finland, and Citizen Network brought together people from many walks of life, including ministers, politicians, researchers, network leads and members, activists, and citizens to discuss about Universal Basic Income (UBI) and how it might help secure wellbeing and transform society.

We heard (and documented them on Hunome) great perspectives from the speakers and the participants in the event, including Maria Ohisalo – Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and former Minister of the Interior, Maria Guzenina – member of the Finnish parliament and forme Minister of Health and Social Services, Sirpa Pietikäinen – MEP, Finnish Member of the European Parliament, Laura Tulikorpi – teacher, coach and council members of a wellbeing services county, Simo Raittila – coordinator of Visio think tank, researcher and journalist, Ville Pellinen – Managing Director of the center for mental well-being and cultural events called Lapinlahden Lähde, and Dominique Jaurola – futurists and CEO of Hunome.

To keep the sensemaking and discussion alive and evolving, we invite you to join the UBI SparkMap on Hunome – register here 👉 . On the ‘UBI in Finland’ map you can see the multiple, multidimensional and multidisciplinary perspectives on UBI, bring your thoughts and knowledge there, learn from others, and build shared understanding together with the atomic community. You find the many perspectives and ways forward in one place there.

Hunome is a social network to make sense of the world. It enables you to connect the dots, solo and with others, between the different perspectives of not just UBI in society but also many other themes. On the Hunome platform you can. build multidimensional understanding and actionable decisions. Join a community with a purpose. Become a part of the solution by making the world a more perceptive place.

We will be hosting subsequent workshops on the UBI theme, the next one coming up on April 24th 2023, so stay tuned and follow us on this social network, to see what is happening on Hunome, UBI Lab Finland, Systems Change Finland, and Citizen Network.