SparkMap – a Unique Tool for Thinking


Enabling groups to make new connections and expand their thinking in a particular field.


SparkMap by Hunome is a great way to visualize the understanding that a group of people have on a particular theme. It can also reveal new ideas and connections that were previously unexplored.


It has many use cases,

·  Helps groups see the depth and breadth of the knowledge their group holds

·  Helps groups come to a shared understanding


You might kick off a theme for your own benefit but others can join and help you understand dimensions you had not thought of before.


How to use it


SparkMaps start from any thought that you are pondering on and eventually build a richer understanding with added thought connections. Here are some examples of themes

·  Adjusting to new cultures

·  The Raw Power of Curiosity 

·  AI can only take humanity so far 


One of the groups on Hunome started their SparkMap with a zoom session with their group. Here are ways to make these sessions more productive:


·  Ask the team members to share stories from their professional or personal lives

·  At the end of the session, go through everyone’s contribution and see if you can identify one or two transformative questions or thoughts.

·  You might identify gaps in your knowledge along the way, or new branches that could lead to new ways of thinking.

·  Invite the team to come back after a week at a scheduled time for another SparkMap build session – it can take a few sessions to build a holistic understanding



We’ve seen from our chats with organizations like Systems Change Finland, Friends of Curiosity and more that the SparkMap can be a powerful tool for discovering new connections and ideas.



If you are keen to try SparkMaps for your group, reach out to us on [email protected]