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Humanothon with Hunome: Demographic Shifts and Impacts

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We look forward to mingling with you in this thematic build of understanding.

Adam Sharpe, leading this session, on the kick-off session and theme of demographic shifts and impacts:

We have historically lived in a world where the average population was young, but it is about to reverse itself.

Falling fertility rates could mean almost all nations will see their populations halve by the end of the century. This will have significant social, technological, economic, environmental and political implications for future generations. Why is this happening? Are we ready?

The world needs an understanding of demographic shifts and impacts, as many decisions are made daily that can take this future system in an unsustainable direction.

Come and help humanity make sense of this. Help us explore the global phenomena of population decline and the future it will create.

We are eager to have your thoughts around of demographic shifts and their impacts: why this is so important, what impact these could have, the history of it to understand its evolution and more as part of our shared multidisciplinary understanding.

About Adam Sharpe 

This session is led by Adam Sharpe, Award-Winning Futurist, Youth engagement specialist, and Winner of the NGFP Intergenerational Fairness Award 2022.

About Hunome

Hunome is a new Social Network uniquely designed to build shared understanding. The SparkMap is a non-linear, evolving, multi-dimensional, map of understanding on the theme. SparkMap is a great way to visualize the understanding that a group of people have on a particular theme.

About Humanothon

Humanothon is a program run on the Hunome product. You can take leadership on a theme that needs multidimensional understanding and that you want to build with a concerted systematic attention with a group. Hunome product is there to use and our team helps the leads set this up with materials.

You do not need to run a Humanothon to build multidimensional understanding on Hunome. You can also just start by clicking on ‘New SparkMap’ once inside Hunome and craft your own understanding and see others join.