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Humanothon with Hunome: Future of work – what’s next

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  • During the registration process, please specify “future of work” in the field called ‘how did you hear about us’.
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  • Once you have registered to Hunome you can find the kick-off and evolving SparkMap here.

We look forward to mingling with you in this thematic build of understanding.

Dominique Jaurola on the theme of future of work – what’s next:

Future of work has been discussed and taken into action, from its many angles. However, the subsequent system we now live with is proving to be less than optimal for humans, employers, societies… in many ways. What to do? What are we not fully understanding yet?

We are building an exciting SparkMap titled “Future of work – what’s next” which deliberates on the world of work and brings together – connecting the dots – the various perspectives surrounding the world of work, the changes and impact, what is changing now, what are examples from around the world, what innovations, what possibilities for improvements, how are humans around the world experiencing the ideas of gig economy, zero hour contracts…

Join us to contribute your knowledge and experiences to this discussion. We are eager to have your thoughts on future of work – what’s next: why this is so important, what impact it could have, the history of it to understand its evolution and more as part of our shared multidisciplinary understanding.

Come and help humanity make sense of and explore the theme of future of work – what’s next.

About Dominique Jaurola

Dominique understood the challenges corporations (and many other decision makers) had in making sustainable, innovative, world-aware and human-aware decisions in the mid 90s. This led her to become a futurist/strategist from her product management role. She was active in building the community as the Association of Professional Futurists founding board member and member. Co-authoring a book on strategic foresight. Organizing events for the futurist community in Australia. She had a corporate futurist role at Nokia, building novel methods to understand the world and humans in it for sane product and strategy decisions. She has since been a consulting futurist on and off. Action does not always follow understanding but at least one has to have the understanding first. These experiences eventually led to launching Hunome where Dominique is the founder, CEO and CPO.

We want you to join us in this exciting sense-making trip to create an understanding on this foundational theme for everyone’s happiness and the sustainability of our societies.

About Hunome

Hunome is a new Social Network and Collective Sensemaking product – uniquely designed to build shared understanding. A SparkMap is a non-linear, evolving and multi-dimensional map of understanding on a theme. SparkMap is a great way to visualize the understanding that a group of people have on a particular theme.

About Humanothon

Humanothon is a movement or set of thematic movements run on the Hunome product. You can take leadership on a theme that needs multidimensional understanding and that you want to build a concerted systematic mapping on, with a group. Hunome product is there to use and our team helps the leads set this up providing materials and other help.

You do not need to run a Humanothon to build multidimensional understanding on Hunome. You can also just start by clicking on ‘New SparkMap’ once inside Hunome and craft your own understanding and see others join.