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Humanothon with Hunome: The Raw Power of Curiosity

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We look forward to mingling with you in this thematic build of understanding.

Matti Copeland and his Friends of Curiosity on the theme of curiosity:

Curiosity is a wonderful trait that humans possess. We are all born curious, although some of us may not cultivate it. Curiosity drives various aspects of our lives, such as asking questions, fostering innovation, promoting collaboration, creating serendipitous moments, building networks, and preserving traditions. It serves as the spark that can lead to groundbreaking innovations.

The innate urge to explore and seek novelty helps us remain attentive and acquire knowledge about our ever-changing environment. Being curious not only helps us survive and find happiness but also enhances our achievements, expands our empathy, strengthens relationships, and much more. Curiosity improves decision-making by reducing our susceptibility to stereotypes and confirmation bias. It offers psychological, emotional, social, and even health benefits.

We are building an exciting SparkMap titled “The Raw Power of Curiosity,” which delves into various perspectives surrounding curiosity, its reasons, and its mechanisms.

Join us to contribute your knowledge and experiences to this discussion. We are eager to have your thoughts on curiosity: why this is so important, what impact it could have, the history of it to understand its evolution and more as part of our shared multidisciplinary understanding.

Come and help humanity make sense of and explore the theme of curiosity.

About Matti Copeland

Matti has over 30 years of experience in leadership, board and chairman, and advisory positions in many businesses. He is also a keynote speaker on topics such as the power of curiosity in business, M&A as the engine of growth, and talent & career planning for future leadership. As the ‘Chief Curiosity Officer’ Matti started a SparkMap on Curiosity with a group of curious people from many walks of life called Friends of Curiosity.

We want you to join us in this exciting sense-making trip.

About Hunome

Hunome is a new Social Network uniquely designed to build shared understanding. The SparkMap is a non-linear, evolving, multi-dimensional, map of understanding on the theme. SparkMap is a great way to visualize the understanding that a group of people have on a particular theme.

About Humanothon

Humanothon is a program run on the Hunome product. You can take leadership on a theme that needs multidimensional understanding and that you want to build with a concerted systematic attention with a group. Hunome product is there to use and our team helps the leads set this up with materials.

You do not need to run a Humanothon to build multidimensional understanding on Hunome. You can also just start by clicking on ‘New SparkMap’ once inside Hunome and craft your own understanding and see others join.