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Stay curious

Good thinking counts on Hunome

Fragmentation and polarization of information is diminishing human ability to act meaningfully. The world is complex. Simplistic points of view are getting too much attention. Many ‘one to many’ social structures of today and planned make things worse.


Internet social spaces cater to individualism. They forget the reality that nothing happens without a shared understanding and buy-in. Making one’s thinking matter within context is a way to make it count. Build not blast.


Innovation keeps happening, even for the social spaces, in many ways. There is much room for more than incremental tweaks on what was before. There is room for purpose-oriented leaps delivering a whole new value.


The value we, at Hunome, deliver rewards a particular kind of thinking person. This person knows that there are many silos to break and that our world needs new approaches. Getting to a shared multidimensional understanding on the shape of things that were, are and are yet to come.


Fleeting messages vs creating something


My own experience with Twitter has been much more about – ‘if I must’ – than it returning anything much back. My own fault I am sure, as I did not give it my all, did not engage with others a lot, did not follow the rules of how to matter.


There was a good flow with it for a moment. This had to do somewhat with Twitter. It had more to do with ManageFlitter, a product that enabled building a community on Twitter. That thriving business closed due to Twitter changing its API rules. At the time I spent 2 hours per day creating content for the growing community. My efforts did not amount to something bigger as time went on but I kept feeding the flow.


Some years ago I ran a session on Twitter with the Association of Professional Futurists. The theme was ‘future of identity’. It was a nightmare to do as the speed with which tweets flew by in front of me made it very hard to engage in a live session.


Hunome’s design makes it easy to come together as a group. You can build an understanding solo too. You can run a session online. You can continue to build asynchronously. This helps with the issues around continuity.


This way you and your group build your shared and shareable understanding. You can bring to the world a theme that you would like the world to understand more comprehensively. We talk more about building understanding with perspectives here.


Gaining a natural atomic community vs followers


We can make our efforts matter better, in the many contexts that mean something to us. No human being is one thing.


The structure of social media is ‘one to many’. Everyone scrambles to position themselves. Finding a way that will attract. Mold one’s communication to suit social media. Everyone blasts, does anyone listen? What if you could mingle in the thought community that is natural to your theme of interest? The efforts to build community otherwise are huge unless you are already famous.


On Hunome you build yourself an understanding – with our thinking tool that connects the dots. Those on the same agenda or interest can join you. You build your engaged community to the thinking you share.


On social media a ‘following’ starts to narrow you down. You end up with a demanding audience for whom you should deliver x. Imagine those people in a role and once they stop that role the following disappears. Not great when they should matter in the contexts they have a valuable input in. At Hunome you work on what you are interested in and your atomic natural community builds for and with you.


The ‘one to many’ model of social media is isolating even for those with big follower numbers. The setup leaves us all scrambling for attention. The tricks used to get the attention are getting crazier by the day.


We focus on giving kudos to and building value for those who influence through their thinking. At Hunome those who build good understanding rise to prominence.


Good thinking counts here


You have created much understanding about how the world works or should work but does it get counted? You argue your case well but does it get visibility? Isn’t it time that thinking well, arguing well and being able to build an understanding should count?


Our world is disjointed, fragmented, polarized, bored, skeptical, cynical, vain and manipulated. Too much emphasis is put on mundane, or to be ‘purchased’, things. A vain comparison with others. The rabbit holes and stuck minds are turning neighbors into enemies and dinner parties into silences or worse. No wonder there are mental health issues. Much good is going on too. For the ‘cultural creatives’ seeking to make one’s life matter it feels weak to share and consume tid bits at a time.


You may be influenced to believe rubbish. Who is there to challenge the propaganda machine when you most need it. Also influencing has become about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Our world has many worthy stories to tell. And things to fix. Let’s deal with the cynical downward spiral.


Would you like to be smarter? Become more perceptive? Mingle with thinkers from many disciplines? Create a comprehensive bigger picture? If so, then Hunome is a space for you.


You get it, the world’s problems are not solved purely by your individual smarts and arguments. You engage in a deliberation with those who offer another dimension. And gain a shared understanding. Without that the smarts do not move the needle. Without buy-in not much happens. If you are not part of the solution you remain part of the problem.


Being part of this solution is as easy as tweeting or sharing a blog post. The reverberations of what you shared are much bigger as your thoughts sit in context. They are surrounded by others who see this context to be of importance. You are not alone.


No to the ‘master slave’ structure of communication. One person shares and others comment. Too often the commenting is a purposefully disruptive emotional rant. Getting momentary power for very little return for them or anyone else.


Each posting (Spark on Hunome) is its own entity. The best will be connected with and built upon as they are well argued points in context. Those become the hot spots of human engagement. Those expressions that are not according to our community code of conduct can be reported on. Also they can be drowned out by not connecting to them.


There is more to life than ‘trending’. As a recovering futurist I enjoy a good understanding of trends. Trending as it is now defined is geared to the media side of the social. Hence Twitter works well for politicians and journalists. At Hunome we build the ways for us all to understand the deeper interests of human beings. How we change and evolve in our worldviews and the goals we aim for.


Social media vs social network


By definition social media bases its revenue on advertising. A social network does not necessarily do that. We are a social and thought network. No advertising distracting us from our purpose. On Hunome our purpose is to help humanity make sense of itself. We help with tools to facilitate and data to help understand what is going on.


Hunome is free to use and our model has upgrade paths in the use of the tools and data. Uniquely it provides the means to make sense of multidimensional themes. And many themes of interest to figure out are like that.


In an academic paper they wrote in 1998, Larry and Sergey warned: “Advertising funded search engines will be inherently biased towards the advertisers and away from the needs of consumers”, the same applies to social media.


Boutique search for understanding


When searching today you get ‘PageRank’. This structure means that you get the same that some algorithms deem to be the priority. This narrows us to funnels that the search engine thinks are good. Also we get tidbits. By definition it will not find what you did not search for. A search as such has no way of delivering human ingenuity, change, trains of thought, or systems of thought. At Hunome you get in return an understanding and insights. Feeding your curiosity by inspiring thought connections.


Assisted serendipity – colliding ideas for a faster path to innovation


You can take time to munch on your views and those of others. You can build from them. We as a community with this structure and approach speed up innovation. The signs are there from our early members. The approach is conducive to Aha moments when seeing the bigger picture. Aha happens also when one sees how one’s thought leads to another. This creates inspiring trains of thought.


Your effort is not wasted at Hunome


Have you tweeted steadily over many years? Do you have followers to show for it? Journalists, politicians, tech leaders, celebrities tend to get that. Does it feel like you’ve achieved very little for those tweets? Did they not build to anything but fleeting moments in front of a small set of eyeballs? Nothing is seen by all your followers. For most this is the case. Join Hunome in the build and make your mark on what is next in our world. It is never too late to build.


Get started with your build! Take leadership in a theme of importance to you!