A Space for Collective SenseMaking

Solo or with others, you are welcome to register on Hunome and add your perspectives to a thematic build.

On Hunome, you connect your thinking with that of others on an evolving thought fabric called the SparkMap.

Hunome is a product designed for those who are curious about pursuing different and more connected ways of knowing. 

Individuals and groups from across thematic interests ranging from human flourishing to wicked world problems are already building and making sense of their themes. 


There is an urgent need for a space for building, not just sharing. Information is fragmented. Algorithms are reckless and divisive. Linear thinking is limiting. There is no space to hear the societal voice. 

This is where Hunome comes in. 

Hunome is a space to join and lead a more informed, creative, and equitable exchange of ideas – a space to participate in designing change-aware and human-aware systems across everything we do. 

Every voice matters on Hunome. 


Our community

Our community is made up of individuals who are passionate about building shared understanding and engaging in thoughtful discourse about the wicked problems that matter. Read about how you can start building

Humanothons or SparkMap build marathons are being led by individuals such as Adam Sharpe, Timo Kuusiola, Nicky Dries, Matt Copeland – each thinkers and leaders in their fields. You can lead a theme in your area of interest. Start here

Organizations such as UBI Finland, Think Do Tank are actively using Hunome to build with their teams and invite perspectives from people across the world on their key programs. 

Over the last year, hundreds have met on Hunome to build. Some great examples are Curiosity, Adjusting to New Cultures, Future of Work, Demographic Shifts, and EU Energy Policy

Welcoming Natural Sense-Makers

If you enjoy building and sharing your understanding, if you are curious, if you are a person for whom seeing the big picture and being inspired by different thoughts are necessary for new directions – then Hunome is for you. Start building today.

Build understanding the Hunome way


Build multidimensional understanding. Engage in the build of others. Join the thematic build. Bring your perspectives to bear in context and build your own perceptiveness muscle.


Many thematic areas require more perspectives than one person can bring. Add to the builds from your area of understanding, your discipline, your lived experience, your novel idea. This helps humanity see the sides to the story. 

Assisted serendipity

With the trains and systems of thought, we help you come across perspectives you would not have known to look for. This adds to your understanding, inspiration and speeds up human innovation.

Boutique search

When you search, the result is a growing understanding of the thematic space, not tidbits. You get an immediate view to a thought fabric, insights into it and more to explore. As you take a journey in the thinking, add your perspective.

Shared understanding

The world is complex, many of the human systems are wickedly problematic. We provide the product and tools to help you make sense of the themes that you work on to solve for humanity or are curious about. On Hunome very rapidly we arrive at an understanding and then shared understanding. Hear the societal voice for your own decisions.

For humans, with humans, about humans

Humans need to negotiate the better way all the time. Here we pay attention to and celebrate the collective human ingenuity. We humans see what works and what does not. We understand new things and should add that to the continuous deliberations. Become human-aware, why might you and others think the way you do?

How Hunome Works


Hunome’s SparkMap transforms the way individuals and groups can see their non-linear thinking evolve on a theme. SparkMaps makes visible the depth and breadth of the knowledge on a theme. From artistic to innovative, from historical to anecdotal, all human ways of knowing come together on the SparkMap



The world needs to hear your perspective

Reduce the gaps in your understanding, take into consideration odd perspectives, not just cater to the middle of the bell curve. 

Expand your understanding beyond the ordinary. Hunome encourages you to explore diverse viewpoints, not just those within the mainstream. We empower you to construct, unite, and enhance perspectives, strengthening your perceptiveness muscle. 

If you care about a particular theme, be the first to start a SparkMap