Discover Hunome and build a unique understanding of humanity

How to Hunome

Hunome is a uniquely designed web-based product for you to build an understanding. Our purpose is to help humanity make sense of itself.
Adding perspectives

Solo or with others, you are welcome to register on Hunome and add your perspectives to a thematic build. 

Adding your perspectives is akin to writing a blog post or creating a short form message. On Hunome you connect your thinking with that of others and your own on an ever evolving fabric called the SparkMap. 

On Hunome you build rather than ‘share’ or follow – you build on the thoughts of others and add your perspectives in the context of others. 

For humanity to understand the most ‘wicked’ themes, we need multiple perspectives represented on the SparkMap.

Good thinking counts! 

Here, our members take their time, relish in the human ingenuity, and negotiate, and build toward a shared understanding. 


Good thinking counts, you just have to choose it.
A platform to make all voices heard

A platform for all voices to be heard 

The core Hunome product is free, always will be. Why? Because Hunome’s purpose is to help humanity make sense of itself, and humanity taking part in helping humanity make sense of itself should not depend on wallet size. 

The weightage given to perspectives depend on the merits and value of the perspective alone, and not on who says it.

We are eager to level the playing field for all kinds of voices to be heard and to contribute to the shared understanding.